A Savannah is a hybrid of a domestic purebred cat and an African Serval. The first Savannah kitten was born on April 7, 1986. Typically the Savannah ranges from 8-20 pounds, sometimes more. The males are larger than the females. The Savannah is a generally healthy breed and has no known genetic problems. Our kittens are PCR tested, PK N/N and vaccinated according to TICA standards.

Are Savannah’s good with children and other pets?

Savannah’s are good with children and other pets.

When can I take my kitten home?

Whenever the kitten is ready, typically around 11-12 weeks old.

What do I feed my Savannah?

Many owners choose to feed their Savannah a raw diet. We feed them a mixture of Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild dry food and once a week they get Blue Buffalo wet food.

Do Savannah’s use a litter box like “regular” cats do?

Savannah cats are highly intelligent and use a litter box just like a normal cat would. Many Savannah cats have been successfully toilet trained.

What is their temperament?

They are high energy cats that also many times love to cuddle. If you are looking for a lazy cat who sleeps all day, you may not be ready for a Savannah cat. Although the Savannah cat can be found sleeping on the couch during the day or just lounging around, they have a lot of energy and will play for hours upon hours. They love to climb and jump on things. Many of them love water. You can harness them and take them on a walk and some even play fetch like a dog.

Is the F4 Savannah the right choice for me?

The F4 Savannah is the first generation of Savannah that is actually considered “purebred”. These cats can still be larger in size and have many of the features of the earlier generations without the necessary care of an F1 cat. They do not require a raw diet and they are more domesticated. If you are looking for a show quality cat these cats are the first generation of Savannah cat that can be shown at the TICA cat shows.

Are Savannah’s legal where I live?

You will need to check your state and local ordinances to see if hybrid cats are allowed where you live. A lot of places that do not allow earlier generation Savannah’s do allow the later ones.

What does F4 mean?

Savannah cats are referred to by their ‘F’ generation. The ‘F’ stands for ‘filial’ and is how you can tell how many generations away from the Serval the cat is. An F1 Savannah would be one generation from the Serval (meaning the cat has a Serval parent), an F2 is two generations removed and the cat would have a Serval grandparent, an F3 would be three generations removed and the cat would have a Serval great-grandparent, the F4 Savannah, which is what our kittens are, would be four generations removed and they have a Serval as their great-great-grandparent.

What does SBT mean?

The SBT means Stud Book Tradition. SBT means that parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are all Savannahs. An SBT (Stud Book Tradition) Savannah is considered a pure breed and potentially eligible for Championship with TICA (The International Cat Association).

You will also see the following in the Savannah world-

A means that one parent is a (non-Savannah) domestic outcross
B means that both parents are Savannahs
C means that both parents and grandparents are all Savannahs

The A, B, and C has to do with when and where in the pedigree outcrosses (non-Savannah domestic cats) have been used. When you crossing two different species (for example a Serval and domestic cat) there are usually fertility issues. In the Savannah world, crossing the Serval and domestic cat only affects the males sterility. This means that Savannah females have had to be mated with domestic males for several generations, until the Serval percent was low enough that the males became fertile.

For more information on Savannah registration with the TICA visit: http://tica.org