Taking your kitten home

When we first took our Savannah kittens home we only knew what it was like to have a regular domestic house cat. We learned that Savannah’s are a lot more playful than “regular” cats and they also get into a lot more stuff. We started our kittens out in a small room, the master bathroom. It only took them a day or so to feel comfortable in that room so we then let them into the master bedroom. We did not expose them to a lot of people for the first week or so and kept them quarantined from the other pets in the home for the first two weeks. After they were comfortable in the master bedroom we let them in the rest of the house. We kept them on the same type of litter that they were used to for the first week and then slowly started adding in the litter we were going to use. Since our house was already childproof we didn’t have to worry about them getting into much, however I did have to take everything off the top of our counters and refrigerator. We also had to remove all of the breakable stuff from our fireplace and cabinets as Savannah’s like to jump- a lot. They loved the cat tower we got for them and as long as we spent lots of time playing with them, they stayed out of trouble- mostly!